Eyebrow Game is Strong

April 8, 2014

"If you eyebrows are on point, then your life is on point." 

We can't all have Cara Delevingne's eyebrows. However, I am one of those lucky people that have never had to worry about plucking or waxing my eyebrows. I guess God knew how awkward and what a struggle my life was going to be so He decided to grace me with amazing eyebrows to make everything all better. Which it has. So, I figured with my knowledge of maintaining and coloring in what wonderful eyebrows I have, I'd do a tutorial for you! 

This is my first ever tutorial, and I was honestly kind of nervous to do this. Trying to look in my vanity mirror, but still stay in shot, was such a struggle; but I think I managed to pull it off! Let me know what you guys think. If you like it, please feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for future videos while you're there. Also, please feel free to leave some comments down below on any other tutorials you would like for me to do!



  1. I wish God had said the same to me, what he said instead was 'your father's eyebrows will look great on you!' Err. Thanks for that.,
    Haha, great vid tho!
    The perks of being a hipster

  2. haha girl I bet you can rock them no matter what! :)


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