Phoneix Rising | LUSH Bath Bomb

May 23, 2014

Recently I took a visit to Lush and picked up my very first bath bomb from them. I chose to get the Phoenix Rising bath bomb. Mainly because it was purple and that is my absolute favorite color in the world, but also because it had an apple cinnamon smell to it which is my favorite scent. 2 in 1, how perfect. 

Inside the bath bomb, there was a gold cinnamon stick. After the bomb fizzed down, the inside of it was green. Don't know why it was like that, don't know if that part at a particular scent to it or not because all I could smell was cinnamon. 

I absolutely loved this bath bomb. I am so glad that there is now a Lush near me. I am so obsessed with them. I mean, my bath water was purple for crying out loud! How much more amazing could that be! But in all honesty, I loved this bomb so much. My skin has never felt more soft before. I shaved my legs before I got in the bath, and after I got out, I didn't feel the need to use an lotion because my skin felt so soft and moisturized. I figured I was going to love it, but I didn't realize how addicted I was going to get to them. I definitely plan on going back and getting lots more soon!


*excuse the terrible photo quality, these were taken on my iPhone.

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