May Favorites

June 6, 2014

So I know that I'm kind of posting this a bit late, but I have been in London and I have not actually had that much time to really sit down at a computer and type all of this up for you. 

Anyways, back to why you are here, May is finally over, so I thought it was time I discussed what I was really loving this month. There was so much I was loving this month, it was ridiculous. One thing that I did notice is that every month, I literally have a new favorite concealer. I think that I should make it a trend. One of the big things that I was loving this month was the Lorac PRO Palette, as you can tell. It is truly amazing and so handy. I have it with me right now in London and I have been using it everyday. It is just so gorgeous, I can't get over it. 

There were a couple things that I wanted to mention in this video, but I had literally just gotten them a few days before I filmed this so I figured that I would just wait and add them to my June favorites, so stay on the look for that!

I hope you guys enjoy this, please feel free to give it a massive thumbs up and go ahead and click that subscribe button for future videos. I love you guys so much, and I'll catch up with you later in London!

PS. If you want to follow me on my London adventures, head on over to my twitter and my instagram for updates on what I am doing. I am vlogging whilst I am here and I will be uploading those vlogs sporadicly. I cannot guarantee that they will always go up on Monday's like normal due to my hectic schedule. 


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