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June 24, 2014

Boy, oh boy, has a lot of stuff been going down around here! Need I remind you that all my vlogs are a week behind, meaning I'm blogging and posting about stuff that happened about a little over week ago. In Part 3, it was our first week of classes. I'm currently taking one course, Greek Mythology. The program I am involved with is only for three weeks, so I like that I get to take mythology for just three weeks in London versus a whole semester at my university in the States. I'm going to simply spare you the incredibly boring details of this class and fast forward straight to the fun stuff. 

So the first night after class, we all had tickets to go see Wicked on the West End. Oh my God, this show was phenomenal. Wicked is hands down my favorite musical of all time. I love all the songs, the storyline, the characters, everything about this show is absolutely phenomenal. This cast was completely breathtaking. The woman who played Elphaba, Willemijn Verkaik, I would say was right up there with Idina Menzel. Homegirl was that freaking good. I started crying when she sang that last few notes in Defying Gravity because it was just that breathtaking. Of course I also cried at For Good, but when have I not. I could listen to the iTunes version and still probably cry. But this cast was amazing, you could really feel their natural chemistry coming to life. They brought so much to the characters and it was just UH-MAY-ZING! 

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy Taylor, who played the role of Fiyero, after the show and had a nice chat with him. He was great in the show as well, the minute he started to sing, my mouth dropped and I instantly fell in love. He was even nice enough after the show to take a picture with me and my two friends from the study abroad group.

Later on in the week, a group of us found this magical place called Choccywoccydoodah. I know what you're thinking, what the crap is that? It is Heaven. Simply. It is a chocolate shop, I believe that there is only two perhaps, one in Central London and the other in Brighton. They sell an array of chocolates downstairs, and upstairs is a cafe that serves cakes, milkshakes, coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, dipping pots, sundaes, etc. Like I said, basically Heaven. The shop itself is to die for. It looks like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland with the painted red brick walls, black stripes, and whimsical lamps everywhere. It was so freakin precious and tastes even better! Definitely a London favorite for me.

We've been taking lots of tours to various places. In the part 3 vlog, I showed you guys our trip to Oxford. Fun little fact that I mention in the vlog, the dining hall at Christ Church was used as inspiration for the great dining hall in the Harry Potter films. Same with the staircase right outside of it. Not only was it used to film some scenes on, like McGongall presenting Hogwarts to Harry, Hermonie, and Ron, and where Harry looks into a memory of Tom Riddle. Those stairs were also used as inspiration for the moving staircases throughout Hogwarts. Other than that, most of our sightseeing places can be quiet boring. Granted they are beautiful places full of various facts in history, that I'm pretty sure you guys couldn't give two cares about. 

Later on that same night, we decided to go to a local pub and watch the World Cup. England was playing that night so I was expecting a big turnout and a lot of crazy football fans. (Yes, I'm calling it football because that is the proper name here in the UK, not this soccer nonsense). I did not realize how crazy people could get here over it though. It's basically like how Americans get for the Super Bowl or how I normally get for March Madness basketball. I actually like football, I can understand it a lot more than America's football. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun though. Just hanging out with some friends and chilling is all I really need. The clubs here are great and I love being able to go out and dance and get my twerk on (yes, I just said that), but I honestly don't mind just hanging out at a pub with my friends and talking.

That basically sums up what was in the Part 3 vlog. I've been having so much fun here. I do miss my family, my dog, and my friends, but I know that I am going to miss London so much more after I leave. No offense mom, but I can always call my parents or call my friends, but I can't call London. I wish I could just have my close family and friends just move here and get a place here. I honestly kind of hate my dorm room. I always have had a hatred for dorm rooms, especially after getting my own apartment back in the States, but for three weeks I'm managing. I wish we were intertwined with the British kids, but alas we are not. Oh well! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this, I know I sure am! I love being able to take guys on all my adventures. I don't vlog everyday because somedays it's just boring day full of class and chilling back at the dorm with guys playing cards. I don't think you guys particularly would care about any of that, so I'm just going to show you guys the fun and exciting stuff. Heck yeah! 


Mini disclaimer: according to UK laws, everyone in my video is old enough to drink. Maybe not in America, but over here in England, we are all over the age of 18 and it is legal here. I hate that I have to put this, but I feel that it is as best to just go ahead and do so before someone makes a comment about it. 

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