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July 4, 2014

I'm soooooo behind on writing my blogs. I have written all my blog posts on my notepad but I always forget to transfer them over to blogger. So please bare with me, thanksssssssss!

So I'm finally catching up with my vlogs now. In the fourth vlog, I visited Windsor Castle and the town around it. I was really upset when I was editing because I lost the footage I had from that morning. I guess I must have accidentally deleted or something, it really wasn't that much of an importance anyways! Now don't get me wrong, I love seeing all these places and going on adventures, but two things that I cannot stand are tour guides and looking like a tourist. I love going to certain places only locals know about and just blending in. Or maybe I just want to seem cooler. Honestly though, this tour guide and trip was just the biggest mess ever. We couldn't stop laughing from some of the things this tour guide was doing. His facial expressions and corny sayings were cracking all of us up. Hence, Barnes to Windsor. You had to be there to here this guy just say it and his facial expression with it. This probably one of my favorite inside jokes that our group had. It's like one of those things I can always look back on with a smile because that day was too great.

Later on in the week, I went to Brighton with the boys. Brighton is so freakin pretty. I just love that it's a pebble beach too. I tried so hard to find the infamous beach huts but I never did! But I did find a Nando's. We spent most of the day on the pier. I personally had no interest in riding any of the rides because I get my adrenaline rush from swiping a credit card at All Saints more than I do a roller coaster. God, if that didn't make me sound like I have a serious shopping addiction, then I don't know what does. My blog is seriously something that should be out of Confessions of a Shopaholic. 

After we spent the day in Brighton, we decided to see The Fault in Our Stars. When I say we, I mean I dragged my guy friends with me. I thoroughly enjoyed it simply because I love the story and read the book and thought it to be fantastic! My guy friends, not so much. I can't blame them, I didn't expect them to like it in the first place. However, it was everything I absolutely hoped it would be. I was bawling my eyes out, like I looked so pathetic but it was just so good! 

Then the very next day, (in vlog 5) we took a lovely trip to Harry Potter Studios! I'm not going to go into much detail with this because all the details are in the video, BUT THE ONE THING I DIDNT GET ON CAMERA WAS ME RIDING A BROOM! Best thing during the day ever. Oh my god amazing in every freakin way possible. Like it was such an unreal day. I got to try butterbeer too! It wasn't as amazing as I thought but it wasn't too bad. Sorry for not diving into too much detail, but this post is already long enough. 

It's so hard to blog and travel and remember to do so many things. I've been doing nothing but travel lately so please bare with me. My trip is about over and I hope you guys don't hate me!


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