Closet Confidential

August 29, 2014

So I've been really into doing a lot stuff with fashion and style lately. I saw the Closet Confidential tag on a lot of beauty and fashion YouTuber's channels and I really wanted to do. I also just hate feeling left out. I also really like tag videos and I want to do a lot more in the near future for you guys!

I hope you guys liked this video, again sorry this blog post is a little late too. If you liked it, please feel free to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe for future videos. Also, leave a comment below if there are any other tag videos that you'd like me to do!


Quick Update!

August 28, 2014

Hey there love bugs! So I just wanted to throw out a quick update for you guys because I know I haven't really been too active on here and my channel either. 

Basically school has started back up for me, and being that it's my senior year, I have a ton of stuff coming at me. I know I told you guys on my twitter that I was going to be posting a lot more stuff on my blog and I have yet to do any of that. I have all the pictures for stuff that I wanted to talk about, just haven't uploaded any of it. I'm not trying to makeup any excuses, but as you guys know, school has to come first. When I'm in class or doing work for class, I'm doing something for my acting or I'm doing something for dance. When that's not going on, I'm trying to get a job. God help me when I get one. When I'm not doing any of that, I'm also trying to have a social life so I don't have a panic attack from so much work piling up on top of me. 

What I'm trying to get at is that I'm still here. I'm still alive. I will still be uploading videos, and I'll still be posting on here. I'm just not going to limit myself to such a strict schedule where I  make myself upload exactly every Monday. I'm going to try uploading on Wednesdays and Thursday and see what works better for me. I will upload every week because I do love making videos for you guys and I do like sharing my thoughts with you guys on this blog. However, in order for me to not have a panic attack, I need to be able to feel like I can breathe and be able to take my time on my videos and posts. I'm not just going to film a crappy video or write a lame post and upload it because I need content. I want my content to be great quality, so I'm going to take my time and make sure my content is something I like. If I don't love it, I'm not going to post it. 

I hope to film a lot of videos this labor day weekend and get those out of the way, so then I have content ready, edited, and set to upload for you guys. Just bare with me guys. Getting back into the swing of doing all of this is taking so much energy out of me. Again, I'm not trying to make of excuses and feel like I'm nagging because I do love making videos for you guys, but my mental stability comes first. I hope you guys understand and I will see you next week!


The London Lookbook

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to post a lookbook on my channel. I know you guys really love it when I make lookbooks and I do too! This particular lookbook mainly focused on clothes that I bought while I was in London. You could easily take the outfits that I put together and wear them back to school, out to brunch with your girls, or really whenever. I think these outfits can be really versatile. I didn't put all the clothes that I bought while I was in London in this lookbook because let's face it, that would have been a really long video. 

I hope you guys like this video, sorry the blog post came a little late. I hate feeling like I abandoned this baby. If you guys liked this video, please feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for future videos! Also leave a comment down below which was your favorite outfit!


July Favorites

August 5, 2014

Wow, I honestly cannot believe that July is over and autumn is almost year. 2014 really needs to slow down. Nevertheless, it is my favorite time of the month aka monthly favorites time! July was definitely one of my favorite months in beauty. There was so much stuff that I fell in love with and I was just dying to share it with you guys.

I hope you guys liked this week's video and if you did, please feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for future videos. Also, in the comments down below, tell me some of the things you were loving this month!


21st Birthday

August 2, 2014

So as many of you all know good and well from my twitter and instagram that last weekend was in fact my 21st birthday! It was such a wild time and honestly one of the best birthdays that I have ever had.

I think I probably had your typical 21st birthday, a house party and a casual trip to the bars. I loved that I got to have an actual house party though because I have never thrown one before. I felt like I got to actually celebrate my birthday, which I didn't do a lot of in my teenage years. The outcome of the weekend, however, also ended how a typical 21st birthday ends with me head first on the porcelain throne. Lovely. 


Even though my birthday got the best of me, that did not mean that I could not look good! That's why this week's video, I decided to show you guys what I wore (on my face). I have been doing this particular look a lot lately, but I added a few darker colors from my Lorac Pro palette to it to spice it up for the occasion. I am absolutely loving this palette right now. I think the colors in it are so beautiful and I just love playing around with it and experimenting with different looks. 

Never the less, I had an amazing birthday. It was definitely one for the books, from what I can remember. I am lucky that I got to spend my special day with some of my special friends.

I hope you guys also liked this video, and if you like this look please feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for future videos. Also, if you try this look, please feel free to tag me in a picture on instagram at @emilyaleece and use the hashtag #itsembur!