Favorite Autumn Nail Polishes

November 18, 2014

I have been so obsessed with buying brand new nail polishes lately, and I happened to notice that lately all the colors that I have been buying have been autumn like. So I thought this would be a perfect moment to start a mini series of my fall favorites!


I am obsessed with pinks and purples on a regular basis, but I am really loving more of a mix of berry shades and I think they are perfect for autumn! I think taking a very muted tone to these shades are so beautiful. The colors are still vibrant, but are a lot warmer for the season, especially Revlon's ColorStay Gel Envy "Hold Em". 

I also love my drugstore brand nail polishes, but I am just obsessing over my new Essie "In Stitches". I think this shade is great for autumn and even in spring too. I also love my old classics like Butter London "Royal Navy" and OPI "Malaga Wine". These two shades are a staple in my nail polish collection and I always go back to them around this time of the year. 

Let's all excuse my bad paint job I did in my nail polish swatches. For the daughter of an artist, you'd think I could do a much better job. 


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