The Long Bob "Lob" Obsession

January 27, 2015

I have had my hair long since I was about twelve. My mother used to cut it short all the time and I absolutely hated it with a raging passion. Being that I had really frizzy hair growing up, whenever my hair was short, I would always wake up looking like Frieda from Charlie Brown. It was a disaster. So, I told my mom that I never wanted to cut my hair again and she couldn't make me. For years and years I have been trying to grow out that mermaid hair, but since I constantly was dying my hair all through out high school and beginning of college, it really prevented that from happening. Hence why I've been stuck at the half-way length right around my boobs for years now. 

Then the other day, I don't know what got into me, but my entire Pinterest page had suddenly became filled with long bob photographs that I had been gawking over for hours. I suddenly got this overwhelming urge to chop off all my hair. I thought to myself– there's no way I could cut my lion mane. I have been working on this for so long. I can't throw in the towel yet! I barely look twenty-one with my hair long, I'll look sixteen again with my hair short. If not that, I'd look like a mom driving her kids to soccer practice, or worse, my own mother herself. (Just kidding mom, I love you, but we already look alike so much, if I cut my hair then we might as well be twins.) Forget having long, beautiful, and beachy waves. I'd have to get brand new headshots and business cards done for acting too.

I got to thinking that maybe I could do it. Even if it was just over the summer. Style it up a bit and put some lighter highlights in at the bottom for some dimension and take a razor to the edges to texturize it. Then again, everybody and their mom (literally) are doing it right now too. I started taking snapchat photos and sending them to my friends of my hair tucked behind me and into my shirt to see if they liked it. Most all of them did, except Lauren. I agree Lauren, the lion mane is wonderful. 

I still haven't decided yet if it's what I really want to do. Who knows, the day I do it could be a sudden impulse and we'll move on from there. Until that day comes, I will leave you with a couple shots of my favorite "lobs".


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