Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

February 25, 2015

When Urban Decay released the Naked palette, I wasn't really eager to get it. The palette itself seemed very over hyped and not worth the money. It wasn't until I got the Naked3 palette that my thoughts started to change. I love my Naked3 palette, hands down. I am obsessed with pink eyeshadows and think that they look so great with my pale skin. The quality of that palette is so smooth, and the shadows are so buttery and pigmented.

Lately, I have been seriously obsessed with gold eyeshadows and any warm brown shadows as well; and that's when I caved. I decided to treat myself on Valentine's Day and bought the original Naked palette. I had noticed so many people on YouTube still talking about it, so I figured it must be worth the hype– and baby it is. If you love warm toned eyeshadows, especially browns and golds, then this palette is for you. The palette runs for $54 at Sephora, which can be very pricey for some people (I was one of them at first), but I honestly think it is worth every penny. I can already tell I will get my money's worth from it. Seriously though, when I first got it, all I wanted to do was just stare at it because it was so pretty. I haven't been this obsessed with a palette since I got my Lorac Pro palette. I mean, I even love the velvet packaging of this palette. I just want to cuddle with it in bed! Not really though, but kind of.

With this palette, not only do you get 12 shades, but you also get a double ended brush, which I think it great quality itself. The brush is very soft and I will sometimes use it when I use this palette. I use the thicker end for the outer v, and then the flat end to pack on shimmery shadows onto the lid. However, normally I will just stick to my RealTechiniques and MAC brushes most of the time. I think the palette used to come with an eyeliner, but I believe that was back when it first came out sadly.

It's so hard to pick just one favorite shadow out of the whole palette, although Half Baked is pretty darn beautiful. Normally I would complain that there is only two true matte shadows out of the whole palette, but I really love all the shimmer and satin shades. I don't think all of the shimmery shadows are too chunky where I would have glitter flakes falling off my eyelid. All of the shimmery shadows are finely milled and blend like a dream! That is probably one problem that I have with the Naked3; there are two shades in the Naked3 that have too much chunks off glitter that they just won't blend evenly. All the shadows are super buttery and are easy to blend in for a daytime smokey eye.

I've made my own go-to look with this palette that I have been wearing almost everyday because it goes with everything. I love putting Half Baked all over the lid. The light gold shade really brightens my eyes and highlights the green in my eyes as well. Then I use Naked in my crease as a perfect transition shade. I've mentioned before that I have been looking high and low for a perfect transition shade, and baby, Naked is it. I would be fine with just using Naked in my crease, and Virgin on my lid, then just using a black winged liner to go with a simple, bold red lip. After I put Naked in my crease, I use Buck in the outer v and my bottom lash line. Finally to finish it all off, I use Sin in my inner corner and brow bone as a highlight.

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There are so many looks that I am dying to try with this palette, and I cannot wait to experiment with it even more. This palette is really turning me on to shimmer shades, cause I've always loved me some matte shadows, but the shimmer shadows are just too perfect. I really want to do a look with Smog and Toasted because those are just so breathtakingly gorgeous. Can you tell that I'm a little obsessed?

I definitely think that if you do not have this palette, then you definitely need it in your life ASAP. I would say that it is really worth the hype, and I'm upset that I did not get this sooner. I think that you can create so many looks with this, and make it easy to go from a day-to-night look in a snap. Let me know in the comments down below if you have tried this palette and what you think of it! If you don't have it, will you buy it now? Leave it all down below!



  1. Ooh, I've always been interested in the Naked palettes but never got around to it. And good choice on the first one!


    1. It's a dream! I have been using it almost everyday lately. I would definitely get this one if you haven't got any of them before because you can do so much with it. :)

  2. sometimes i wish i had bought this one rather than naked2, it looks so lovely!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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