Empties III

March 2, 2015

It's time to go through my trash! The box has started to overflow, so I figured it was about time I went ahead did another empties video. I really noticed how much I go through skincare products and dry shampoo like it is nobody's business! What can I say– I like washing my face, but not my hair I guess. No matter what, I've started to see this trend in my empties videos.

One thing that I could not stop raving about was the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. This stuff is freaking gold! I have been dying to try micellar water, but you don't find it here often in the US. I'm so thankful that Simple has came out with this now. The only con is I wish the bottle was larger because, obviously, I have been flying through this stuff.

I noticed that anytime I run out of condition, shortly after, I will eventually run out of shampoo. Isn't that always the case? You never can run out of both at the same time. Well I finally ran out of my Wella Brilliance Shampoo for Coarse Hair. I really like Wella and love this shampoo, as well as the matching conditioner. However, I feel like it leaves my hair too dry and soft. I'm so used to my Wen Cleansing Conditioner, which is probably why I feel that way. I really want to try Pureology Red Revival Shampoo and Condition next. Hopefully that will keep my hair vibrant since spring and summer are approaching.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Leave a comment down below and tell me, what products you are constantly flying through?


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  1. I've recently finished a can of Batiste too. Need to re-purchase! Great video lovely.

    Ashleigh | Being Ashleigh Blog

    1. As a busy college girl like me, Batiste is like my savior! Thank you so much :)


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