The Sunday Post: Need A Break

May 17, 2015

It's not like me to really take a break from blogging for almost two weeks like I have. I feel like so much has happened in these past two weeks that have honestly just made realize how desperate I was in need of a break. At the beginning of this week, I was not feeling that great. I couldn't get out of my bed because my migraines were just so bad. Then yesterday, I was involved in a car accident. No need to worry, I'm fine. However, Stella (my car) does need a little bit of plastic surgery. She will eventually be fine! Just a couple of touch-ups are needed. So clearly after that happened, I just wanted to cut off from everything and not do anything. I needed to breathe because my anxiety was just terrible after that happened.

Today, I was thinking about all the things that I needed to do in regards of my YouTube and blog before I left for Vegas at the end of the month. I still haven't made a blog post for my April Favorites or my latest Get Ready With Me that I filmed on my channel. Should I still make a blog post of my April favorites? Would you guys care? I just feel like I have been in such a rut. I haven't felt inspired and haven't wanted to blog. This is writers block to the max! I never get like this, so it's extremely frustrating! I'm a writer, that's my major, so for me to be just uninspired like this is very abnormal. I have things that I want to write about, but lately it feels like a task and not enjoyment. Hopefully after taking this much needed break, this means I'll be back at it again this week. Please let me know in the comments down below what you would love to see and give me some motivation and inspiration!

Do any of you get like this too? Let me know in the comments down below.



  1. <3!! I'm so glad you're okay. My heart dropped when you said you were in a car accident, but I'm glad you're fine!! It's totally okay to feel like this sometimes!! Focus on you right now, and just getting better. Inspiration will strike when you take a couple days of self care and relax more!! Whether it pans out to a long term break or a new spark of blogging/youtubing inspiration; it'll hopefully be natural and what's best for you! Wishing you the besttt <33

    xoxoxo, Naomi |

  2. I hope you and your car are okay!
    It's alright to have a little blog hiatus every now and then.


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