Monthly Favorties | May

June 19, 2015

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This post is long over due, I am very aware. It's better late than never, am I right? I know my blogging game has not been quite up to par as of late, but I'm slowly getting back. Taking a long break really does wear on you. However, I am back and I'm ready to discuss some monthly favorites with you!

There was a lot that I was really into this month, so it was a little difficult to narrow down what I was loving. One of the big things that I talked about in my favorites video was the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation that I did a complete and full review on a week ago. I think that it's really rare, for me at least, that I love a drugstore foundation so much that I want to put it in my monthly favorites, but this foundation really is outstanding. I love the coverage that it gives, and I don't find it too mattifying for my taste. Normally I tend to shy away from very matte foundations, but this one really does let my skin shine through and give a nice glow to the skin.

Speaking of glow, I was utterly obsessed with the NARS Copacabana Illuminator. I really like mixing it in with the L'Oreal foundation. I think that they are such a great combo together. You get the medium-to-full coverage from the foundation, but the illumination from the liquid highlighter. I think the NARS illuminator is actually a hundred times more pigmented than the multiple stick. Even though I love the packaging and travel-friendlyness of the multiple, the illuminator gives such a better glow and radiance to the skin.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Stila Eyes Are The Window Mind palette. I took this with me to Vegas and it really came in handy. During the day, I was not really into wearing a lot of makeup because it was so hot, so I loved using this palette to create a natural matte eye. Then at night, I would use some of the more darker shades and some shimmery shadows like the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows to take the look from day-to-glam. It worked great with the NARS Pro-Primer, and that primer really helped make the shadows last longer and give them more pigmentation almost. It's such a versatile palette for it to be all matte. I find that I can get so many looks with it without diving into another palette of mine. I'm personally just a really big fan of matte shadows. So if you like matte shadows, or you want an all matte palette just to add to your collection, I would definitely check this out! I think it's perfect for any collection whether you like cool or warm toned, you're going to get a nice mix of both.

I hope you all really enjoyed my May favorites! Again, apologies that it is going up rather late, but hopefully soon we will be getting back in the swing of things. What were your favorites from May?


Review: L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

June 11, 2015

I am never the one to really be such a huge fan of matte foundations, especially ones from the drugstore. Since I have rather combination skin —where my skin can be a tad oily around my nose and dry everywhere else— I find that matte foundation really make my skin look a bit dull and lackluster, nor do I find that they mattify my nose area very much. That being said, I did not have very high expectations for the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. Even though I had heard a lot of other bloggers and beauty YouTubers talk about this foundation and say that it isn't too mattifying and there is still some radiance in the skin, I brushed it off because I figured that was them and not me. However, I am not going to say I was wrong, but I will also not say I was right.

The foundation itself is supposed to have a demi-matte finish (at least that's what L'Oreal has placed on the back of the packaging), so I do find that the claim for it to be a 24hr pro-matte foundation to be a bit misleading. It's going to give you enough of a matte finish where I don't feel the need to set the foundation because it does dry to an almost powdery finish, yet still letting your natural skin shine through on the first layer where you tend to be a little oiler. If I had to give a comparison of the finish of this foundation to another one in my collection, I would probably say it is similar to the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage liquid foundation. You guys know that the Tarte foundation is my favorite foundation, so for me to compare the L'Oreal one to that is saying a lot. However, I definitely would not say it's a dupe by any means. I just think the finish is the same. The Tarte foundation is full coverage with a light texture and demi-matte finish, whereas the L'Oreal Infallible foundation is medium coverage with a light texture and demi-matte finish. The L'Oreal foundation also doesn't have SPF like my Tarte foundation does which is a con for me, but it's great if you are using it for flash photography.

I have applied this foundation three separate ways: Beauty Blender, bareMinerals precision face brush, and the RealTechniques buffing brush. I personally prefer using the beauty blender because I find that it gives a much more natural finish to the skin. I love using the bareMinerals precision face brush for all my foundation, but I find that I have to go back in with my beauty blender to really smooth the foundation out to keep it from pooling up in my pores and leaving streaks. If you are really after that full coverage and matte look, I definitely would recommend using the RealTechinques buffing brush for sure.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation

Now if you are like me and you hate matte finish, even semi-matte finish foundation, this is where I am going to show you my hacks. When I use this foundation, I love to use the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, or I will use a more illuminating primer like the Maybelline Master Prime by FaceStudio in Blur + Illuminate. You all know that the Maybelline primer is one of my favorites, and even though I just recently picked up the Hourglass primer, I still think it is a great one to use if you don't want a strong glow like I do. The Hourglass primer will give you a glow, but not as strong as the Maybelline one will.

If primers aren't just enough for you and you still want an even stronger glow, I love mixing in my NARS Copacabana Illuminator with the foundation —yes, even on top of an illuminating primer. Now I know what you are thinking, I'm totally going against the entire point of this foundation. I agree and I know, but the reason I am doing this is because I find that the coverage is really great. I haven't found a foundation this great of coverage from a drugstore foundation in a really long time. I know it may seem like a lot of work in the morning, but by doing this, I get the exact coverage and finish from this foundation that can last me all day. It's matte where I need it and glowing where I want it without needing touch ups by the late afternoon. I can't attest to the 24 hour staying power, but I can attest to the 8-10 hour staying power. It lasts me an entire work/school day and that's exactly what I need.

In conclusion, whether you have been debating on purchasing this foundation, or if you are on the market for a new drugstore foundation, I would definitely check this baby out. I am aware that it does not have a great shade range (I am 101 Classic Ivory), but if you can find your shade, I would recommend giving it a try. If you have tried this foundation, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below and if you have found any beauty hacks for it!


The Sunday Post: Viva Las Vegas

June 7, 2015


This past week I have been in crazy Las Vegas, Nevada! I had such a blast on this trip. This was my first time ever going to Vegas, and actually my first time ever on the west coast. Let me tell you, 103 degrees over there is a whole lot better and nicer than 103 degrees in North Carolina. If it was that hot in North Carolina with our humidity, people would be having heat strokes left and right. So even though my hair and armpits loved the dry heat, my legs just did not. I did not realize that dry desert heat would dry my skin out so much. Note to self: if you move to the west coast, buy a ton of lotion.

Of course I did a lot of shopping, but not much gambling. The extent of my gambling was winning $5 on the slots, then losing that $5 at blackjack. Needless to say, I'm much better at fake blackjack than the real deal. Isn't that always the case? The extent of my gambling relied more on my luck. While we were in Vegas, Caesars Palace was hosting the iHeart Radio Pool Party. It was a pretty big deal and had been sold out for months and months. Well, while walking around Caesars Palace in search for drinks and celebrities, I actually ran into Echosmith who was performing in the concert. Stupid me didn't even think about asking for a picture with them. However, I ended up making up for that mishap. After that small encounter, I noticed that one of the doors to the closed off pool had been left unlocked. I wasn't the only one who noticed this after people not wearing passes to the Pool Party walked in and out of it. With just a second of looking to see that no one else was stopping them, I decided to barge right through the door and hide straight in the bushes. Although a security guard did come up to us and tell us that we weren't supposed to be there, he was nice enough not to kick us out. I was too concerned with what was happening on stage anyways. There he was, the love of my life: Nick freaking Jonas. The topping to the best night was probably hearing him sing 'Jealous' live! He is so much hotter in person, and those muscles are just as great. Seeing him again live was such a great reunion from the last time I saw him: in concert with the Jonas Brothers decked out in Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock merchandise. I'm so embarrassing!

Besides shopping and going out to nice dinners, plus seeing Jeff Dunham (one of my favorite comedians) live, that was the extent of my trip. I was not there long, only 4 nights, but for the time I was there, I had so much fun. I definitely would love to go back with a group of my girlfriends, although I don't know how well that would go. Literally it would probably end worse than the movie The Hangover. I love them, but they can be a little too crazy sometimes. Just put some alcohol in them and there is no turning back. Nevertheless, I had a great time and I cannot wait to go back soon!