The One Where I Graduated

June 7, 2016

Hello, World. It's Emily. I am officially a college graduate.

To say this has been a long awaited moment is an understatement. I never expected to go into school thinking it would take me five years and two degrees to complete. Now, I am the proud owner of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance. When I first started out in college, I wasn't at my university of choice. I cried so many nights in my bed alone in my dorm hating my first year of college. Although I did meet some great people and had the opportunity to live with best friend of 16 years then for a semester, they were shortly followed by a stream some awful people. I didn't feel like I belonged and thought about dropping out every single day. However, a small twinkling inside me kept telling me to stick it out, and that's exactly what I did. I spent more time in the library than in my dorm room and I raised my grades high enough to transfer to my dream school, University of North Carolina Wilmington. That year, I finished with my name on the Dean's List and an acceptance letter to UNCW.

My first year at UNCW was the biggest whirl wind of my life thus far. I met the most influential people in my life that year. Some came into my life as a blessing, like my roommate, Summmer, and best friend, Caitlin. Others came in and taught me some serious lessons, ones that taught me about love and myself especially. That same year, I joined a group of 100+ girls and was a part of the UNCW Dance Company. This group of talented and outstanding ladies will be my best friends for life. Joining the dance company and continuing my love for dance in my college career was the best decision I ever made.

During my junior year, I applied to the BFA Creative Writing Program - one of the toughest programs to get into in my school and state. I submitted my story under the genre of fiction, and a new passion in my life was discovered. I was accepted a few weeks later and added a second major to my list of degrees. In classes, I studied Poe, Keats, Melville, and Shakespeare. I learned the act structure of the film classics like Rocky, Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz. I was astounded by the symbolism in my favorite books like The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Flowers for Algernon. It didn't take me long to discover my true love for young adult literature and screenwriting and insist that would be what I did in life. The same semester, I decided to take a leap and apply to study abroad. After a rough sophomore year, I knew I needed this break from reality and traveled to the new love in my life, London. My time in London is forever sketched in my heart. If any of you are thinking about studying abroad, I highly recommended just taking the chance and going for it. I learned so much about myself in my time abroad that I would have never learned in the States at my small college. Now, all I want is to go back to London. I promise I will be back soon.

Around this time, I was already a couple months into my YouTube and blogging career. I started Embur during my junior year of my undergrad. It was originally another writing outlet for me because no one around me was obsessed with makeup as much as I was. When I was a junior, I was in a bad place and searching for something to bring back my spark. Luckily, my mom gave me the idea to start this little space on the web. Only two years later, and I am so happy I listened to her. I am beyond thrilled that I have been able to take something I majored in and turned it into this amazing platform. It may not pay the bills, but it's nice knowing all those years haven't gone to total waste.

Now, here I am. Two degrees, one stole, two cords for Dance Company and writing for Her Campus later, and I am ready to take on the world. There isn't any talk of graduate school now, maybe ever. I may never be ready to fully adult, but I am thrilled to finally be done with it all. The stress of late night papers is over, and pressure to find a job and pay back my loans is on. It never ends, but this is only the beginning.

Thank you for sticking through it all.


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS. You've achieved so much in your time there!
    Charlotte //


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