Hey there and welcome to my blog, Embur!

My name is Emily Burton, but in the internet world, I tend to go by the name Embur. I am a 23 year old "beauty guru" living in Coastal North Carolina. I recently graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BA in Theatre Performance and a BFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction. I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with all things related to beauty, fashion, and skincare; so I created this blog and my YouTube channel as my own little outlet to share my obsession with the rest of the world. Here on Embur, expect to find various posts ranging from reviews, hauls, outfits of the day, favorites & wishlists.

I set up my blog in January 2014 after I left work at Ulta the previous fall, and missed being surrounded by all things beauty. I started watching countless beauty gurus on YouTube and became obsessed with their blogs that I thought to myself: "I could do that," and so I did. One day when my university had canceled classes for a week due to snow, I got bored from being locked away in my one-bedroom apartment. I logged myself onto Blogger and Youtube, and that's when Embur was born.

I am always thinking of new ideas and topics to write about. Even though I don't have a huge audience, I still get a lot of pleasure out of sharing my thoughts for the world to see. I honestly cannot thank the people I have in my life for supporting my little corner of the web enough.

If you are ever in the mood to chat, please feel free to always leave a comment. I am always open to meeting new people and friends! 

Thank you so much for being a part of my little world!

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